Who We Are

We are Largest Virtual Reality gaming park in Canada! 13,000+ square feet of Virtual Reality adventures! We are focused on social entertainment. Bring your friends, your family, your work or your school. There is an adventure for everyone! From adrenaline filled zombie fighting to relaxing encounters with whales or a visit to a museum in Europe. Come alone or bring your squad! Enjoy Social, Immersive and Active entertainment tailored to your interests.

Action Adventures Arenas, VR Escape Rooms, Multiplayer Games, VR Arcade, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, School Trips.

We provide a unique and different experience to Ottawa citizens. As opposed to traditional entertainment options such as movie theatres, bowling alleys, and arcades, VR experiences are social, active, and immersive.
VR Adventures Zone is the only venue of its kind in Ottawa!

What We Are Offering

Social Entertainment

VR Adventures Zone focuses on social engagement, creating experiences that are collaborative, competitive, and community-driven. Our VR experiences provide entertainment not only for those playing, but also for those watching. With spectator’s lounges, comfortable seating, inviting lighting, large screens to see your friends and family play, and light food and drinks, this creates a fun-filled experience for the whole family or friend group. Escaping reality or escaping a locked room are fun on their own, but with friends and family there to enjoy it with you, this truly is an experience to remember.

Active Entertainment

Virtual reality experiences are also inherently active, engaging your mind and body. You will be required to duck, jump, turn around in a non stop motion. This makes it an excellent alternative to more sedentary entertainment options like movie theatres and restaurants. VR can be physically intense and adrenaline-pumping as you move around evading zombies or escaping a room with a looming deadline, so this is an engaging and active experience that will have customers leaving on a high! Why stay home if you can combine a movie and a workout at the same time?

Immersive Entertainment

The VR Adventures Zone experiences are also completely immersive, using advanced equipment that allows customers to use multiple senses and create a deeper engagement with virtual reality while playing. Haptic guns, VR headsets, and free roam spaces allow customers to fully immerse themselves into virtual reality and have an amazing, otherworldly experience that blows their mind and leaves them wanting more. 
Imagine fighting Zombies with your friends, shoulder to shoulder...adrenaline rushing through your body as you dispose of Zombie after Zombie...Your gun is heavy in your hands, you can feel every shot in your shoulders, you are getting tired...But the horde is still coming at you. You call for help, and your friend steps in front of you, providing you with a short respite to reload your gun…

Adaptive Entertainment

We provide a variety of content and an adaptive space that means every experience can be different. Our flexible space is easily adjustable to accommodate different event types and group sizes, and our growing content library with 100s of titles allows customers to come back time and time again to experience new and exciting things.